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Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical. A musical play for children.


Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical
A Christmas Musical


The following is a list of all the tracks that you will find on the complete CDs. The tracks in bold type are those with sample MP3 audio files to download.

There are two versions of each sample a high-resolution "high quality" mp3 (for broadband users) and an optimised, "moderate quality" mp3 (for dial-up users).

01  Overture Music only
02  Papa Panov Chorus of Villagers, Papa Panov
03  Happy Family Young Papa, Tatiana, Martin & Simon Panov
04  Despair Music only
05  Papa Finds His Way Young Papa, Priest, Chorus of Villagers
06  Playoff, Papa Panov Reprise Papa Panov
07  Christmas Eve Papa Panov, Chorus of Villagers
08  Christmas Story Chorus of Villagers, Papa Panov
09 Playoff Music only
10 Sleep  Music only
11 Jesus Will Come Papa Panov
12 Stepanich's Song Stepanich
13 Jesus Will Come Repr.
Stepanich's Reprise
Papa Panov
14 Young Lady's Lament Young Lady
15 Jesus Will Come Repr.
Young Lady's Reprise
Papa Panov
Young Lady
16 Little Thief Granny Adveich, Ivana, Papa Panov
17 Playoff Music only
18 Celebration Chorus of Villagers
19 Playoff
Papa's Doubts
Music only
Papa Panov
20 Christmas Eve Repr.
Jesus Revealed
Papa Panov, Stepanich, Young Lady, Granny Adveich, Ivana, Chorus of Villagers
21 Finale Chorus of Villagers, Papa Panov
22 Bows Music only
23 Playout Music only

The Technical Stuff
The music files on this site are MP3 files. You will probably need to download the files to your computer and play them from there - they are not necessarily "streaming" files, (though with a fast internet connection and certain software they may well start playing before they have finished downloading). You will also need some software that will play MP3s. You possibly already have an MP3 player - Apple's iTunes, Windows Media Player (standard on any modern Windows PC), Winamp and Quicktime players will all play MP3 files - and there are many other players available for free on the internet.

Nowadays many internet browsers are capable of playing mp3 files without even launching a stand-alone player, so depending on how your particular computer is configured, this may all happen simply and seamlessly! By all means save the mp3 files to your hard drive so that you only have to wait for them to download once. If you get stuck, you should be able to find all of the resources that you need at mp3.com

Even though MP3 files are heavily compressed, these audio files may still take a minute or two to download. Two versions of all sample tracks are included. One is in stereo and is of high quality (160kbps), the other is mono, is of moderate quality (48kbps) and is typically less than a third of the file size for a quicker download.


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