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The Performance Package - Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical for Children

I'm interested! What is available for purchase?

Preview Pack
After many requests over the years, a preview pack is now available (for download only).

The Preview Pack contains a copy of the Libretto (script) in Adobe Reader PDF format and mp3 files of the "rehearsal" tracks (i.e. those that already have children singing on them as a guide for rehearsals).

All music files are included, so you can hear the whole show, and follow along with the complete script, as you evaluate the show's suitability for your needs.

The "Performance Package"

  • The Physical Product version "Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical" is shipped on 2CDs.
  • The Downloadable version has the same content, but in a large archived "zip file". 

Available in 5 attractive colours!

What? No song book? No libretto?
Don't worry! All of the printed materials that you need are included in Adobe¨ Acrobat¨ (pdf) format on one of the CDs/folders. Any computer, PC or Mac, that has the Acrobat Reader installed will be able to print the documents. 

Why did you do it that way?
We believe that this offers several advantages over the way that most children's musicals are offered i.e. with printed libretto and/or music book, possibly with backing tracks on CD or cassette tape.. 

The advantages are as follows:

  • You decide what you need to print. You can print and/or photocopy as many or as few copies of the libretto as are needed, because...

  • A photocopying licence is included in the price you pay. You can make as many copies of the various materials as you need, within the purchasing institution.

  • The documents are flexibly presented e.g. song sheets for each of the songs are included, formatted to fit properly onto one or two sheets of paper (or an overhead projector etc), in addition to the libretto copy with the associated dialogue, so...

  • Copying is made much easier, quicker, more efficient and less frustrating!

  • All materials are included in the one low price, no extras to buy! If you decide that you need more 2 copies of the libretto for stage crew, 3 days before the performance - no problem! Just print them again! No time-consuming orders. New this year you can make the process of getting copies to your cast members even easier with the "Group Access" add-on. This gives access to documents and rehearsal music tracks on the web, via a password-protected folder. A real potential time-saver for the producer. 

  • Our production and postage costs are significantly reduced, meaning that we can pass on these savings to you, with a very competitive price. The downloadable version reduces these costs even further, and eliminates shipping costs, so the prices come down even further for you with this option.

  • High quality CD reproduction offers excellent quality playback with no tape hiss. Straightforward, accurate cueing for performances.

An additional feature, also included in the price is a Performance Licence, allowing you to perform the play without further charges (certain conditions apply).

So what exactly is included in the Performance Package? >>>

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