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A Christmas Musical

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The Performance Package - Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical for Children

What's Included...

CD1 - Rehearsal CD /
(Download - "Reheasrsal Tracks" folder)

  • Rehearsal Tracks featuring a children's choir and soloists. These will be used for reference, first by the director/musical director, and then during rehearsals.

CD2 - Backing Tracks & Multimedia /
(Download - "Backing Tracks" folder and "Documents" folder)
  • Backing Tracks. These are clean, clear, digital recordings, using high quality keyboard sounds and real instruments. They are formatted for easy use in performance i.e. intelligent track spacing, facilitating easy cueing and/or interrupted flow where necessary.
  • "Read Me First" HTML File, will identify all of the other files on the disc so you don't miss anything.
  • Libretto(PDF) formatted to fit on A4 or US letter paper equally correctly. Features wide margins, to allow for binding or use in a ring binder, as well as giving plenty of space for stage directions, lighting cues etc. for director, actors, technical crew etc.
  • Word Sheets (PDF) of each of the songs, formatted to fit either one or two sheets of paper. Can also be copied onto acetate sheets for use with an overhead projector if so desired.
  • Music book (PDF) This has the melody line(s), lyrics and chord symbols (for reference). Rehearsal marks are also added at convenient points, with the relevant timings (minute and second) from the CD, so you can accurately cue from different points during the song. A definite time-saver in rehearsal.  
  • Piano Score (PDF) This has the melody line(s), lyrics and chord symbols (for reference) as well as a complete piano score suitable for performance use. Rehearsal marks are included at points corresponding with the relevant timings (minute and second) from the CD, for use in rehearsal where the pianist may be unavailable. If desired, the piano score can even be played "live" along with the CD backing tracks.
  • Licensing Agreement. This sets out the terms of the photocopying licence (unlimited copying within purchasing institution) as well as the performance licence that is included in the purchase price. The full text of this Licensing Agreement is available on this web site. We suggest that you read it carefully before ordering to make sure that you are in agreement with its terms and conditions. They are quite simple, and we believe they will be entirely acceptable. The terms of the licence agreement has changed since the physical CDs were manufactured. The online version is the latest version (and the one to which you should refer).

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