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The Songs - Papa Panov - A Christmas Musical for Children

Try before you buy!
We are very pleased to offer this section of the website. Hear the music that you are considering BEFORE you decide to purchase. 

The music that you will hear uses the very same backing tracks that are part of the "Performance Package" available for purchase (described next).

The music clips available for download from this site are not complete songs - they are limited to approx one minute of music per clip. This is enough to give a good taste of the music, without giving it away for free! Nonetheless, you are reminded that copyright exists on all aspects of these clips - the music, lyrics and the sound recordings, and they cannot legally be used for any purpose other than for evaluating the musical's style and suitability for your needs.


The Music Download page, will open in a new window. This is so that you can browse the rest of the site while the music files are downloading. Untitled Page

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